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lever The levers on this wheelchair were designed to reduced stress in the upper extremities of the user (compared to a conventional hand rim). The lever makes use of a freehub to allow for a ratchet mechanism for forward movement. The lever mechanism also incorporates a spring loaded engagement mechanism which allows the user to detach the levers while rolling backwards.


frame The frame is primarily composed of aluminum tubing with welded steel connectors. Finite element analysis revealed that most of the stress in the frame occurs at the connectors, thus making steel a suitable choice at a limited weight increase. The frame was designed to support users weighing up to 250lb.

Hub motors

motor Electric bicycle hub motors were adapted for use in this application. Each motor provides 0.25 hp and a top speed of 15 km/h. The motors use a 3 phase 36 V power source and variable frequency controller.


frame Memory foam seat contours to individual's body to alleviate pain from long hours of sitting. The seat was hand stitched by one of the members of our team.


frame A NiCad battery was chosen for the prototype to provide reasonable weight and performance characteristics. A LiPol battery could be used to further reduce weight of the battery.


frame A single throttle is used to drive both hub motors in order to allow for a straight trajectory with only one input. To steer, the user can brake or ratchet on a particular side.