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Anthony Cafaro

Anthony is pursuing the Biomechanics option with the intent to explore possibilities for a career in the design and development of devices that can be used by physiotherapists and occupational therapists for rehabilitation and diagnostic purposes.

Ali Hussaini

Ali's career goal is to obtain a position in biomechanical engineering emphasizing prosthetic design and development. He is interested in non-invasive or minimally invasive medical orthopaedics / prosthetics and assistive technologies for patients who suffer from amputations, debilitating disease, and muscular atrophy resulting in the loss of motor control of their upper and lower extremities.

Vitto Jo

Vitto has a particular interest and talent in the area of product design and developing concepts into prototypes. He is planning to continue education in the area of industrial design engineering with a specialization in medical product design. Vitto is enrolled in the biomechanics option at Waterloo.

David MacNeil

David is also enrolled in the biomechanics option at Waterloo and is particularly interested in research related to disabilities in the central nervous system. He has been selected for a summer research position involved with neuroscience research at the University of Waterloo. He plans to continue research in this area through graduate school in the field of biomedical engineering.